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What Is "Equicoaching"

Equicoaching, also called accompaniment with the horse is a coaching developed with the interaction of a horse. The partnership with The Horse brings an experiential dimension that makes it possible to transform conscious into a process of sustainable personal development, as the work is lived and felt.

The horse is very sensitive to our energy and the way we have to get in touch with him. As a leak animal in the wild, it allowed him to ensure his safety. His attention and ability to perceive very finely our non -verbal communication and our authenticity will allow him to act as a real revealer of our interior moods and our mental and emotional habits.

The equicoaching is a powerful approach that invites you to develop and consolidate an authentic link with oneself and the others. Work with the horse makes it possible to integrate the bodily, emotional and cognitive dimensions as well as the awareness of what is happening in the present moment, of the moods in which we are and the development of the desired changes.

The horse lives in the present moment and has the ability to bring us back to "here and now".


why "equipedagogy akita

I chose this training because it combines and connects personal development as much as the horse dressage. During my first year of training, in 2019, I was swimming in full "burn out". The teaching I received from Arlette allowed me to look to the bottom of my soul and my heart and gave the strenght to face my fears, my trauma and my recurring patterns.

While experimenting with this internal process, I brought my horses to the stammering of equestrian art without the use of means of coercion. The exercises practiced in Equipedagogy Akita are oriented towards the well-being of the horse. With subtlety and precision we work on their rectitude, flexibility and confidence of the horse-cavalier couple. The feeling of being one with his horse, and using only the energy of the presence to get him to experiment with exercises is an indescribable sensation. Incarnation and quantum energy are magic languages to communicate with horses.

Today, I live in Egypt. I realized this dream of sharing my time between the Red Sea and the desert. I can easily say that the courage necessary to implement this move and this new life was insuffed to me by the horse and the Equipedagogy Akita.

As Arlette says so well:
"This Akita approach to the relationship and equestrian technique far exceeds the simple framework of equipment because it activates deep transmutation processes which lead to the perception of our sovereignty, the power of life that inhabits us and the opening of the heart. "

This video, only in french, is my words about what I learned in 2019.
Desert Dunes
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