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Our Story

Deep Breath Diving Safari - The Iceberg is a company born from the Swiss-Egyptian association of two enthusiasts who have united their specific skills and their strength to offer their customers unforgettable experiences.

Our project is to offer scuba diving or snorkeling cruises by focusing on security and the quality of the welcome that our customers are entitled to expect. It is in this spirit that we chose the M/Y Iceberg.

Karim Nassr - M/Y ICEBERG Owner

Karim Nassr - Owner & General Manager
PADI and SSI instructor since 2004 throughout the Red Sea. Scuba diving is my passion.
My highest priority is safety which makes the experience rewarding and enjoyable.

Elisabeth Kriegers - M/Y ICEBERG Owner

Elisabeth Kriegers - Owner - Administrative Manager
One day in 2021, I fell in love with Egypt and I had the chance to discover this new passion for scuba diving thanks to Karim. It was natural that I left my native country to settle in this magnificent place on the Red Sea. Immersing yourself in full awareness of this marine environment is a gift for the soul.

Our Values

The Seas and the Oceans... it is respected, it is tamed... sometimes not...!

We are the "guests" of the H₂O... Fauna and flora have invited us. We are committed to respecting this fascinating and fragile world.

We are committed to respecting the
diver's charter established by Longitude 181Nature and approved by the FFESSM.

We are committed to sharing our knowledge and making every effort to preserve the marine and terrestrial environment as well.

We are committed to treating flight attendants with respect, fairness and ethics.

We are committed to listening to you, to supporting you in case of fear or doubt.

We are committed to making you dream, to stopping the passing hands of time to fill your heart with new sensations.

Have a good trip with us!

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